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16th May 2017

6 Top Wine Cocktails

Do you love wine? Do you love Cocktails? Many if not all of us will have encountered Sangria especially when we have travelled abroad. But after that what else does wine have to offer the cocktail lover? What can you blend together to make something super-delicious and perfect fo ... Read More

3rd May 2017

New wines for Spring.

  With a few more days of nice weather lately, I think we can be forgiven for turning to the fresher wines we all love to enjoy around spring and early summer. The tendency to want lighter meals and new seasons vegetables mean it’s time for a spring clean of the cellar ... Read More

14th March 2017

Should I buy a wine fridge?

  So how do you know when it’s time to buy a wine fridge? Starting to build a small collection of bottles stashed around the house in various cupboards, garages and the like? Have you got some bottles that you are wanting to age and not drink right away? Are you lucky enou ... Read More

8th March 2017

How to pair wines to food in Spring.

Thankfully spring seems to have joined us and with it come the different dishes we like to enjoy this time of year in celebration of all things Spring. But what wines can you serve alongside these dishes? Traditionally, the spring harvest sees the return of greens, tart salads, c ... Read More

27th February 2017

What does ‘Vintage’ Mean?

When it comes to the ‘Vintage’ of a wine it simply tells you the year in which the grapes were picked. Almost every wine on the market comes from a single vintage, and the labels will show this. There are however a few exceptions to this rule. A point of contention for some a ... Read More

20th February 2017

Upcoming vineyards of 2017.

You may have seen a few articles in the news recently surrounding the prospective wine trends of 2017. Loire valley wines are set to make a surge of popularity, as are Bordeaux whites. Or perhaps a move to the lesser well known region in South Africa, Swartland, for everybody’s ... Read More

13th February 2017

Whiskey or Whisky?

There is a great level of excitement around whisky at the moment, fuelled by a growing interest in the provenance, quality and craftsmanship behind this spirit. Small batch American whiskies are snapped up as soon as they reach the bottle and Japanese whisky is struggling to keep ... Read More

6th February 2017

Best Wines For Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is approaching and many couples will celebrate the occasion with an elegant dinner out, or stay home and share a candlelight dinner over a romantic glass of wine. Then there are people that will scramble to grab a romantic card or pick up a bottle of wine on ... Read More

1st February 2017

How to remove a broken cork from your bottle

  Ever been in this very irritating position? Sure you have, it happens occasionally. Have you ever had to tell a toddler that they can’t have the rest of their ice cream (I stress because it’s been dropped and is now hairy not because I’m cruel)? Well the tantrum that ... Read More

23rd January 2017

Calorie Counting this January – Fear Not!

So we all have different lifestyles, and some of us live our lives always conscious of our calorie intake. Others relax a little more, but try to compensate with a run or a trip to the gym later on. Whichever lifestyle you lead I can assure you it will be a happier place if you&# ... Read More