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1st August 2017

Airen Grape

Planted throughout central Spain, the Airen variety of grape offers a drought resistant option. It will adapt to any soil type, and grows quite vigorously. It dominates the regions here, accounting for over half the vines planted here. In fact, in 2010 the Airen variety was almos ... Read More

28th July 2017

Can a Spoon keep Prosecco Fizzy?

If you’re anything like us Prosecco lovers, once in a blue moon we somehow find ourselves not being able to polish off an entire bottle of fizz. So how do we preserve the bubbles? You may of heard the theory of putting a silver teaspoon, handle down in the neck of the bottle. M ... Read More

21st July 2017

Hardy’s Producer

Pioneering founder Thomas Hardy had a vision to “Create wines that will be prized in the markets of the world” Five generations: In 1853, Bill Hardys great-great-grandfather Thomas Hardy started crafting wines in South Australia. Throughout five generations, the Hardy family ... Read More

17th July 2017

Aglianico Grape

Native to southern Italy, the Aglianico grape is known to produce full bodied reds. Often showing musky flavours with powerful tannins, they exhibit good ageing potential too. The variety is capable of growing in a range of cool to hot climates with the latter impacting the acidi ... Read More

11th July 2017

Using wine in cooking

  Wine often finds its way into cooking. Usually to deglaze a pan, make a quick sauce or to maximise on those browned meat or poultry flavours. Red wines are great too as a marinade for steak cuts, or to add to the braising liquid of a juicy rack of ribs.   Personally, ... Read More

11th July 2017

Whiskey or Whisky?

Surely it’s the same thing, right? Just different spelling… Before we get into this it’s important to first define the spirit in general as it is after all an umbrella term for any type of spirit distilled from a mash of fermented grains. Within this rather broad catego ... Read More

7th July 2017

World Of Cocktails Premier Event

The World of Cocktails is Here! In celebration of Hull becoming City Of Culture 2017 we thought what better way to celebrate than by organising an event The World of Cocktails, revisiting the influences and cultural heritage that make cocktails special. We launched last Friday 30 ... Read More

26th June 2017

Who invented the Cocktail?

We Brits have been know to drink “cocktails”, if they can be called that, as far back as the reign of King George III. Shrubs as they were known were typically fresh fruits preserved in vinegar and then mixed with spirits. Whilst it may not be something we’ll be serving ... Read More

16th May 2017

6 Top Wine Cocktails

Do you love wine? Do you love Cocktails? Many if not all of us will have encountered Sangria especially when we have travelled abroad. But after that what else does wine have to offer the cocktail lover? What can you blend together to make something super-delicious and perfect fo ... Read More

3rd May 2017

New wines for Spring.

  With a few more days of nice weather lately, I think we can be forgiven for turning to the fresher wines we all love to enjoy around spring and early summer. The tendency to want lighter meals and new seasons vegetables mean it’s time for a spring clean of the cellar ... Read More