Finding the best affordable Wines

24th August 2017
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Affordable wines - best wines under £10

It’s still summer…just!

The summer holiday season is still upon us. But it is that time again, the end of the month, and we find ourselves scraping at the last pennies in our bank account….But who can say no to a bottle while the weather is still warm enough to sit outside, and the days have been spent running around playing with the kids?

Affordable wines

Half of Brits don’t tend to spend more than £6 on a bottle of wine, but we are here to tell you that there are plenty of great cheap wines for under £10 a bottle. Now that might be a little more than you usually pay but look at it like this; if you take into account the VAT, duty, packaging and transport on a £5 bottle of wine you’re only spending about 6% on the bit you actually enjoy – THE WINE. Compare this to a £10 bottle and your money will go around 5 times further for the actual wine – 29%. It’s a no brainer if you ask me.

What to look for

We are here to give you a few tips to help you find them. You may have found in the past that wines under £10 tend to be over-oaked, over-sugared or something that tastes like it was mass-produced. We have selected some wines we feel you won’t hesitate to purchase again and that you find are drinkable and enjoyable.

Avoid expensive regions. It’s highly likely that if a region is well known for wines that cost on average £25, your bottle of £10 wine will probably be full of sugar and be made up of the last grapes, those left after the more famous wines have been made. Look to regions that aren’t as well known, often providing just as much skill in the winemaking. It’s simply down to trends, heritage and stereotyping that allow you just a little more for your money here. For instance, try Languedoc or Crozes Hermitage in France both regions that border much more renowned winemaking areas, producing wines in similar styles to the more famed neighbours at a fraction of the price.

Whilst it’s true that many of the New world regions offer reliably cheaper wine on account of the cheaper labour, it’s still possible to look into vineyards in the old-world wine regions. Most of them have owned their land for thousands of years and have already paid off the costs they have incurred in the purchase of it –  thus these costs aren’t passed onto your bottle.

Try a white wine

You’re much more likely to come across a good quality white wine for under £10. Compared to red wine, whites spend very little time in the ageing process. They will never see oak so you don’t find yourself paying for the cost of time to make.
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Try an Obscure grape

It’s often worth trying something you may not have tried before. It’s worth researching the region you’re interested in. Look to see what they are best known for producing. As is often the case, each region has such a wide range of micro climates and altitudes that it is capable of producing a wide range of grapes too. The lesser known ones will offer you a great entry into that region’s wine at a fraction of the cost of their famed counterparts. Everyone associates Argentina with Malbec, however Bonarda is in fact Argentina’s second most widely planted red wine grape. Thriving in the similar climates to Malbec, you will not be disappointed. If you’re not a fan of oaky wines, this is a wine to spoil your fruity taste buds with.

Most importantly try and be experimental and find something new you really like and appreciate.
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